Monday, 26 June 2017

Prager University Debate on Marriage

When this Prager University  first came out - mostly there was a stunned silence - as I think many thought somebody at Prager and as a scholar from AEI would be able to trouble-shoot the questions flying around the problem with marriage.

And here were some of the follow-up replys that built up the case.

The more accurate intrepretation is that the women and society benefit from the mans sacrifice - plus the children will become the future of the tribe/society.

Prager University has had a bad habit of stepping into shit - and then I recalled a former mistake called Feminism v2.0 by Trad-Con speaker Tammy Bruce.  Shit Flinging Monkey accurately calls it Sex-Negative Feminism.

 centered on or concerned exclusively with women; taking a female (or specifically a feminist) point of view.

Taxation by Gender over lifetime in NZ.

Did Women’s Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government by John Lott & Lawrence Kenny

TFM also made some good points on advisability of Womens Suffrage here and here and that MGTOW only get started about 10 yrs ago because men just sucked up the Gynocratic society that has been around for centuries - until it got too much and men started to rebel.  

How pussification costs taxpayers money

Dennis Prager discusses the "Safe but Sorry" stupidity of Governor of New York State by describing 'Snowmageddon" in January 2015.   First time in 100 years that NYC Subway was shutdown and city closed before a snow storm that never materialized despite the "expert" prediction.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Why not be this guy!

This Swede describes the despair, lethargy, intertia of malaise that many feel.  We all need a to committ to a purpose to save our society/culture - but the frustration is how.  Not sure that Stephan is Micheal Robbins as a motivational speaker - but that is his intent.

"Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are."

St Augustine of Hippo

GA6 "Democrats are the [creepy] ex-boyfriend who won't move-on"

Long faces by CNN’s political director David Chalian, CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria Berger, CNN’s executive director of Political Programming/Sr. Political Analyst Mark Preston, and Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash.

That was the priceless description by TheOtherMcCain of the 4th Election loss in Georgia 6 by Democrats since the Nov 2016 victory by President Trump.   And as he also pointed out - the other loser - the main-stream media.  In fact I would say the media lost more - its pretence of objectivity AND in possessing any political extertise AT ALL. The reason?  They are no longer a news organization - they are a Democrat Propaganda front.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Another Hollywood death not so innocent - Carrie Fisher drugs

Just like Robin Williams, rock-star Prince, and George Micheals - lifestyle factors including drugs, alchohol and rampent sexual liasons has alot to do with these celebrities deaths - but they are NEVER truely disclosed or discussed as the media fawn over such flawed humans.  

In this case Carrie Fisher it has been revealed had an interesting cocktail in her system when she died in a lflight to London on Deec 27, 2016 in lead-up promotion to a new Star Wars release.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Put a fork in Democrats "Russian Election Interference" narrative

Finally this week we can say that the Democrats false narrative of "Russian Election Interfernce" can be put to bed.     Tucker Carleson (before his Appendicitus hospitalization yesterday) interviewed noted leftist and Hollywood Director Oliver Stone about his "Interview with Putin" show.  Stone did a good job of demolishing the case by the American Intelligence community - not to mention emphasising the clear motive of the Democrats in supporting such a thread-bare narrative.

I was floored that Stone was so generous in his accessment of the situation towards President Trump - unlike his supposed party of the left but clearly he has no love for Hillary or even perhaps Obama.  If this does not blunt or even shut-down the relentlous attack rhethoric from the generiatics within the Democratic Party - I don't know what could.

Also Chris Matthews has also accepted that after former FBI Director James Comey testimony - there is not case.

And many others as a result have finally capitulated to this evidence and disclosure.  The question that now stands is the COMPLICITY of a heavily politicized Intelliegnce Community.

They all need to be cleaned up.   Now that the focus has shifted to the Trump Administration maybe some will be chosen.

Stigmatizing Curiosity

Controversy over NEW Megyn Kelly Show interview of Alex Jones broke over the last few days. 

Alex Jones has called for the show to be scrapped after seeing the teaser claiming Kelly "broke" her agreement to fairly represent his views.   A sponsor pulled their ads over the choice of InfoWars host Jones and a Sandy Hook parents organization that Kelly was apparently speaking to pulled their invite.

The bulk of apparent opposition is the supposed illegitimacy of InfoWars - despite his large audience and the self-immolation of the main-stream media's integrity.  Increasingly GOP political aficianados' are recognizing the constant "cognative dissonance" of MSM towards real factual reporting and balance.

A perfect exanple of this "cognative dissonance" was the CNN image misrepresenting the attendees at the post-shooting Charity Baseball Game in favour of the Democrats despite ALL PARTY Congressional members who kneeled/prayed in a respectful gesture to critically injured Republican Whip Salise.
Initial tweet was eventually revised to mention both parties reps.

Aside from CNN's bias towards the Democrats against the GOP - it is rank hypocrisy to characterize the Democrats as respectful Christians especially when it is clear thay have been hostile to Christianity over all other religions.

All this obvious conflict between factual reporting and reality is begining to be unavoidable for MSM consumers - especially with the growth of Alternative News media online that document, re-inforce and VALIDATE these self-evident discrepancies and misrepresentations.

This loss of gatekeeper status has now reached a critical level and has clearly  "crossed the Rubicon".

The question remains WHY IS INFOWARS is so popular and I am pretty sure it has alot to do with the pontifical preaching of "naratives" by the MSM and how they are shilling for the Progressive/Democrats all the time claiming to be "fair and balanced". 

Conservative voters (who obviously elected Trump this time around) are searching for "better" news and and factual debate.  Lionel ? describes Alex Jones as "Performance Analysis" in a  nod to "Performance Art" where the key factor is making a honest and open enquiry of situations without a predermined outcome or answer and the 1976 film Network with popular personality Howard Beale comes to mind.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Is Constand a Troll - literally

Is it just me or does Canadian lesbian who is gold-digging Bill Cosby look like a Troll Doll? 

You decide.  In related news - Cosby's Lawyer "gave up"  after 6min Summation - although during trial he did a pretty good job of showing HUGE GAPING INCONSISTENCIES in Constands various past testimony, police interviews and other evidence - including her former private civil settlement agreement.

Monday, 29 May 2017

New Conservative Leader - Andrew Scheer

The Conservative Party's Leadership was concluded on Sat May 27 in Toronto with the very, very narrow victory by Andrew Scheer over "Mad Max" Maxine Bernier (50.95% vs 49.05%) with over 132,000 members casting ballots in 336 ridings accross the country.

I must admit that I was surprised as Max Bernier seemed to have alot of support according to the media and once it was discovered that he only had 30% on the first ballot - the race was on!    In a way there were 2 things that probablly should have indicated it would be a tougher go than portrayed by the media.

1) Conservatives have learnt to be very suspicious of Pollsters in the last decade in that they avoid them, rarely tell them the truth as it just leads to "blow-back" on their preferred candidate and

2) the weighted vote method gave equal value to all ridings and weak, non-Tory ridings had as much influence as large, long-time ridings in Alberta or Ontario.

This made Quebec with 78 ridings but virtually NO Conservative Party membership (only 6% of party membership of 259,000) or organizational presence worth 24% of total vote weight - equal to strong CPC bastions of BC and Alberta in the scheme of things.

Then there was push by Bernier to advance a "Libertarian" version of the Conservative Party while downplaying the mostly difficult and electorally controversial Social Conservative wing.  A key plank in this Libertarian push was to call for demolishing the Dairy Marketing programs known as "Supply Management" Boards that are pretty popular with special interest groups in Quebec and Ontario. 

Ultimately this was a mistake as these groups organized and made sure they bought CPC Memberships to oppose M. Bernier. In fact he barely won his own riding and was heavily penalized in Quebec winning under 60% of the vote.  It now seems clear that the vocal opposition of this group across Quebec and Ontario was enough to swing him into a loss.   So much for having "Principaled Policy" positions!

Similarly it seems that among the rest of the 13 Leadership Candidates - the So-Con contingent was strongly active.  Leading Social Conservatives Brad Troost and Pierre Lemieux worked hard to pull in support from Christians and other Religious groups.

Erin O'Toole had the largest support from within the Cacus MP's reflecting a different perspective on who THEY might feel comfortable leading the Cacus or someone thye could work with - sort of the "Inside Baseball" Team.

Universally rejected as being in the wrong Party appeared to be Michael Chong who key notable campaign issue was support for a Carbon Tax.   The groups who supported Chong split mostly to Bernier after he was eliminated - showing their "progressive" leanings.

In the final tally's it seemed that So-Cons split more towards Sheer - who did recieve the 3rd most favourable ranking for Pro-Life issues after Troost and Lemeiux.

In a way I am pleased with the results - as Sheer is a (transplanted) Westerner (born and raised in Ottawa, moved out west to Saskatchewan) and has a strong base in that province.  He is admittedly Pro-Life but has tended to say he will follow the Harper Stratagem of keeping "divisive" SoCon issues under house arrest and debate within Caucus.  One policy I really like was his plan to defund Institutions who do not respect freedom of Speech on campus - which has turned into a trmendous problem as Campus Radicals are mostly the Academics and Administration.

Here are a few of the good interviews I have seen about Mr Sheer over the last few weeks.

AddendumJune 2, 2017 Vince Byfield - Good news for Canadian Christian, we are not irrelevant!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Seth Rich investigation gets a boost/letdown from Kim Dotcom

Sean Hannity retracted a recent interview with a private investigator Rod Wheeler - purportedly acting on behalf of the Rich Family but honestly the complete situation has been a mess due to dubious claims and imprecise if not misleading comments from all over the place.  His family issued this Open Letter yesterday.

1) Noted Internet Freedom entrapreneur Kim Dotcom made a big deal of promoting a discloure that he finally made yesterday - but that turned out to be pretty lame and short of actual proof.  He said he was contacted in Summer 2015 by Rich under code-name "Panda" about tools he had developed to help Kim Dotcom's new New Zealand Party.   He then said he now knows this was Seth Rich without providing any convincing evidence beyond just this say-so.  Pretty dissappointing.

2) Subject of the FOX5/Hanity Interview PI Rod Wheeler who said the DC Police have not conducted even the most basic parts on an investigation into the Seth Rich murder - including (incrediblly) interviewing any of the staff at the bar where he was just before his death.  Further the question of where Set Rich's laptop is or why it has not been forensically examined is also a mystery.  Given how DC Police are under the direct control of Congress makes this exchange between Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Congressional Security Chief rather distrurbing. 

This is related to news reports that a pair of Muslim brothers - Imran & Jamal Iwan - were hired as IT experts in 2014 to assist Democrats in the House with technololgy issues and operations.  Questions have been raised about their legitimacy, security clearance and if they may have been the source of leaks/ security breeches either by design or blackmail.

3) I speculate that some of this paranoia is tied to unsubstantiated claims by House Democrats that their email servers were somehow "hacked" by a foreign power that they are convinced  is Russian FSB.  Early this year in a surprising development a Canadian - Karim Baratov - was arrested in association with a shadowy group of FSB operatives.

And of course this can not be disassociated from the undisputed belief that political prisoner Julian Assange leader of Wikileaks recieved the leaked DNC emails from Seth Rich when he offered a $25,000 reward for any information about his untimely death.

Conclusion:  To summarize here is reporter Owen Shroyer reviewing all of this seemingly contradictory information about Seth Rich in the context of the Democrats massive campaign to divert attention from this very troubling case.   It should be a warning to anyone who thinks politics is easy.

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