Thursday, 1 September 2016

Kiwi Trevor Louden talks about "Enemies Within"

Trevor Louden is a New Zealander who has been warning Americans about the clear and present threat from a world-wide collection of Communists sympathizers - mostly masqueraging as "Social Democrats" in plain sight.

Mr. Louden has alot of useful material at his website and reminds me of various sympathizers within our own NDP Government in Alberta such as Rod Loyola - Edmonton Ellerslie.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Breibart died too young in 2012

Andrew Breitbart was the beginning of the Alt-Right media movement that grew up with the Tea Party.  Unfortunately the Tea Party found their chosen party - the GOP - was not that happy about having an engadged electrorate and they effetively stymied their efforts in Washington DC.   That was confirmed when the GOP suceeded in standing down Ron Paul in his bid to gain the Republican Nomination during the 2012 Primary - losing in a puzzling fashion to favoured insider Mitt Romney.  Romney lost and Obama was re-elected for a 2nd term.

Donald Trump paid attention to how the GOP machinery cheated Ron Paul of his rightful nomination thru a series of backroom deals and chicanery - and had the resources to counteract and neutralize it whne faced with much the same gameplan in his 2016 bid.

I think Andrew Brietbart - Ben Shapiro notwithstanding - would be onboard with Donald Trump.

There has been much speculation on the cause of Andrew Brietbart's death. 

It is also odd that Micheal Cormier, the Corner of Andrew Brietbart - also died under mysterious circumstances only a few days later on April 20, 2012. Then there was the death of novelist Tom Clancy Oct 1, 2013 under odd circumstances linked to Brietbart as it was alledged he was writing a book using information Brietbart had discovered about President Obama.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

HRC is disintegrating before our eyes.

As if it can't get any better, Drudge Report put up a few links to articles that bring attention to Hiliary's bizarre behaviours over past few weeks and proposes that she may not be "physically fit for office" - not to mention before considering anything else of substance like - policy, record and ethics.

But really Obama introduced the topic first by saying Trump was "unfit for Office" only a few days before.  It is another example of issues the Democrats/HRC floats and then has to deal with the fall-out as they loose heavily when Trump turns the tables on them and responds.

I calculated that HRC might actually die on Friday March 10, 2017 soon after being installed if she won in November which would make her selection of  Virginia Gov Time Kaine as VP Running mate all the more important.

Of course - her "lead" in the polls has been promoted by her supporters.

Then the Clinton Body Count continues to roll-on without any MSM interest.  Specifically 5 mysterious deaths of individuals with ties to the Clinton's over the last 6 weeks including:

Victor Thorn - Aug 1, 2016
Shawan Lucas - Aug 2, 2016
Joe Montano - July 25, 2016
Seth Rich - July 10, 2016
John Ashe - June 27, 2016

All of this has happened since - Bernie Saunders was dropped in the Democratic Primaries, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was replaced as DNC Chair in Philiadephia PA after Wikileaks disclosed hacked emails from Democratic National Committee, Hillary cleared by FBI so she will not be prosecuted for Email Scandal and also that the Iranian Government disclosed that a Nuclear Scientist previously living in the US was executed for espinage activities believed to be due to disclosures from Hilary's hacked email server.

Shahram Amiri - Aug 1

Finally I enjoyed this Milo Yianopolis interview with Roger Stone where they explored the probability of Electroral Fraud and Roger Stone noted that Hilary's win came from precincts where there were unauditable "machine voting" as opposed to old-style paper trail methods used.

More available at

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Hilary for Prison

The FBI has determined that they can not charge Hilary Rodham Clinton for her "careless" treatment of classified documents.  Here was the breakdown by Megan Kelly with follow up commentary by Fox Analysts Britt Hume, Former FBI Assistant Director and GOP Speaker Paul Ryan.

I am reminded that Britt Humes son Sandy died under odd circumstances while supposdedly covering an important story about the Clintons in 1998.

Here is Paul Joseph Watson's excellent take on the decision - including cases with exactly the same offense:

Also, recent analysis questions the accuracy and disclosures of the Clinton Foundation over a number of years.

And finally - did you know that Chelsea Clinton is now married to the son of another questionable criminal Democrat.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Lessons from 2016 Australian Election

Voters went to polls in Australian Federal election on Sat July 2, 2016 - and I think there are some useful observations for Canadians given the changes being rammed-down our throats by Justin Trudeau.

1)  A Federal "snap" election has been anticipated since September 2015 when Liberal Malcolm Turnbull staged a coup to bring down his leader and Coalition Prime Minister Tony Abbott 2 years into his term.  This July 2, 2016 elction call was made for both Upper (Senate) and Lower (Representatives) Houses and began May 8.

2)  Today (July 5) the complete results are still NOT known due to the complexities of the PR System (Proportional Representation) used in both Australia Houses for decades.   The seat distribution between parties is so close it will be splinter parties that have sprung up like wildfires - to do deals and determine the winner.

3) There have been 55 parties established for this electon - including the split Liberal into "Liberal National" that represent mostly Rural Australia.  And a new UPSHOT "One Nation" party to stop mass Immigration has split the vote and put a severe crimp in the Liberals traditional voter base.

4) Former PM Tony Abbott has been RE-ELECTED in his Sydney Riding of Warringah.  I note that swing riding of Herbert that includes Townsville QLD is still in doubt but looks to go Labour.  Also Wide Bay encompassing rural areas outside Brisbane from Gympie to Bundaberg looks solidily Liberal going to Lew O'Brien.
Brisbane North area Ridings

Queensland Coastal Ridings

Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Decline and Fall of Western Progressive Media

Recently I had cause to discover a few interviews by celebrated Conservative Author/Commentator Ann Coulter.  She also had been one of the strong supporters of current GOP Challenger Donald Trump.  One of the things that is drawing many to Trump is his effective dealings with a hostile media - mostly from the left but increasingly from the right as well.

What has struck me is that she is a great free speech advocate - witness her debate with noted Mexican Journalist Jorge Ramos with Univision.

And here is old clip from Hannity in which Martin Bashir makes some offensive comments about Sarah Palin that got him fired versus the anger Alec Baldwin showed towards a reporter who leaked a damning personal conversation with his 12yo daughter after his divorce.

And finally - a terrible show by a Priest who pandered unapologetically in SUPPORT of Single Mothers (and it would seem - also set them up to do so).

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sabrina Erdley Rolling Stone crime was not her first.

I understand that the liar "Jackie" at the center of the retracted story of Sabrin Erdley has been ordered to appear in court and be deposed for the Defamation against Rolling Stone magazine by Nicole Eramo, an associate dean at the University of Virginia.

It now appears that this was not the first time that Sabina Erdley wrote a salacious sex story based on little more than lies by a highly questionable source.  Sadly the legal outcome was not very good even though it shed a fair amount of doubt on the prime subject in the case.

The question has to be asked why journalism - especially "progressive" journalism - is so vulnerable to these kinds of frauds.    In the comments someone brought to light the similarity to Stephen Glass - a New Republic wunderkind journalist who was unmasked as an breathtaking fraud in 1998.  

Here was an interview with him on CBS 60 Minutes explaining his modus operndi and he became more and more entwined in his crime.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Rebel Media is 1yr Old Today

This marks the 1 year Anniversary of Ezra Levants Rebel.Media - and what a year it has been!

The most surprising development - that was in a way a Birthday Gift to Rebel.Media - was the NDP Government's attempt to ban Rebel.Media Reporters Shelia Gunn-Reid and Holly Nicholas from Government Press Conferences! 

In this video Ezra describes that even the NDP learned how it has stepped in a hornets nest of opprobrium over an obvious attempt to muzzle the press - especially when it is a strong critic of the Government. The NDP backed down and have appointed an "advisor" on the matter.  Ezra points out this does  notmean the end of the matter as he suspects it is just an attempt to outsource criticism to a  sympatetic third-party - who in the end comes back with exactly the same result.  Only time will tell.

But perhaps the most surprising aspect of this news story was the contribution of OTHER Media outlets - many of which have never been particularlly kind to Rebel.Media or its predecessor Sun News Network.

Finally, Rebel.Media has grown and deserves to be congratulated for its sucess - despite news that Brain Lilley is moving on somewhat to CFRA580 Talk Radio in Ottawa.

Last year Rebel.Media YouTube Channel had only 1,885 subscribers with 85,000 page views - today it has over 86,000 and 25+ million page views.  That is something to be proud of - and I think this project is going to continue to grow - as the traditional media shrinks.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sept 11, 1683 - The Gates of Vienna

The import of the terrible 9/11 Attack on America was based on revenge for the Islamic defeat on that day in 1683 at the Gates of Vienna.   I saw this clip of the battle (below) and though I should make a point of documenting it - as it was the high-water mark end for Islamic domination of Europe.

Indeed it did represent the end of Islamic gains - and it continued to collapsed upon itself as other nations re-established themselves - mostly with the spread of Christianity.

To give some perspective Dr. Bill Warner has documented the various conflicts from the begining of Islam - the death of their founder Prophet Mohammed.

How did it come to this - you may ask - I had no idea that Islam posed such a threat to Europe at that time.  Here is why.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Children of Hollywood

Like most people (I think) I am always astonished when Hollywood "Stars" make health or political claims or are asked to pitch products - AND PEOPLE IN MEDIA SEEM TO REPEAT THEM!

While there maybe some exceptions (Mayim Bialik sort-of comes to mind) - most of these actors are certifiable and could not be trusted for any responsible decision on anything.

Which brings me to the topic of child-rearing by Hollywood Stars.  Can they do it?  Are they any better/worse than the rest of us?  And does it matter?

About a month ago I saw that aging actress Shirley MacLaine was coming to Edmonton - and while doing a Google Search I discovered her daughter had written her bio recently.   I didn't even know she had a daughter.  So, I read it.

"Lucky Me" (2013) by Sachi Parker is quite a candid account of Sachi's life - including her bitter-sweet recollections of her life almost exclusively with her father (Steve Parker) and his mistress in Japan.  These early times without her famous mother's presence - and who's general attitude to her only daughter seems closer to neglect than loving, emotional support - unless you call it "tough love". It also sets the tone for their relationship over rest of her life. Of course Shirley MacLaine has always cultivated herself as a "tough dame" in a tough business and it is not hard to argue with that given her sucess. It also squares with other actors and directors general impression of MacLaine.

From there we move on to Sachi's teen and young adulthood as she seeks to develop her own identity - including the required bed-hopping common to the 1980's sexual revolution - featuring a couple of years as a QUANTAS flight attendant and her first marriage in the Oz Outback.   Then back to America re-uniting in some small degree with her mom and attempting to forge a career in TV/Film. That she gained critical acclaim in a Japanese film production of a well-loved children's book "The Witch of the West is Dead" was an important turning point in Sachi's personal understanding that she DID have what it took to be successful in Entertainment or whatever else she wanted to achieve - but then she mistakenly thought her own mother would naturally help her with that goal - and was bitterly disappointed to discover otherwise. It appears that was a major turning point in their ongoing relationship - perhaps not resolved even now.  And who could blame her.

Is this a special Hollywood form of Munchausen Syndrome? It sort of reminds me of the parental alienation suffered by Bill Hudson - ex-husband of actress Goldie Hawn and the father of their daughter Kate - who remains estranged from his children by her.  Is such alienation/estrangement a necessary part of parent/child identity formation in extreme sucess?   Apple founder Steve Jobs never reconciled with his father after his parents split - and there are numerous examples of such parental alienation/estrangement in every walk of life.

As one follows Sachi's early family life one becomes aware how Shirley MacLaine seemed quite aware she was sacrificing her daughters upbringing to achieve fame & fortune in the Entertainment Industry. The title "Lucky Me!" gains a special irony as it links to her mothers 1995 tell-all biography "My Lucky Stars" which we discover presented different and contradictory accounts than had comforted Sachi as a child - and which end up seeming just cruel, self-serving fictions.  It also included the obvious admission of her "open marriage" with Sachi's father Steve Parker - but not before Sachi disclosed how "open" it was to MacLaine - leading to some rather disturbing conclusions about exactly what her father was - a wastrel, charlatan or just a common flim-flam man - and if he was indeed her actual biological father at all - or just an astral manifestation dreamt-up by her mother.

Instead, I think Sachi Parker found that she - unlike her famous mom - was formed by her experiences to be almost the polar opposite of her parents - warm, caring, sexy, constantly seeking parental validation (or whatever was the emotional equivalent) open to exploiting her show-biz genes but even more excited and empowered by motherhood.  That is as far from modern Feminist cant as one could get.  Also, in describing her regret over her only abortion she refers to the near-spiritual revelation she experienced  after she felt she had conceived Arin, her daughter:

"That night is vivid in my memory: my husband and I had made love around midnight, and now it was around 4:30 in the morning.  I was in a half-awake, half-asleep state, when quite suddenly a beautiful, indescribable feeling of love, happiness, and peace washed over me.  Some kind of being, a female being - an angel, perhaps - had ntered my body, and I felt transformed and transfigured, and suffused with great serenity." p251

I suppose the lesson for Sachi Parkers life is that women can not "have it all" - but hard choices lead to tough families - and not all are so "lucky" to have to lived thorough them.   In general it reaffirmed my conviction that most Hollywood stars are not fit to be parents - and in that - are not too different than the rest of us human beings - in that we are all ourselves reformed by the parenting experience to be more than just "a sum of parts".

Sachi makes the wonderful analogy between a traditional Japanese Zen Garden arrangement of 15 stones called karesansui - where all are very carefully placed so that one can not see them all at the same time.

"That's how it is with people and relationships. There's always that fifteenth stone that you can't see but you know its there. ....  You can never see a person or relationship or a life whole.  There are to many angles." p342

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